In order to improve the success of the training in the simulator, it is advisable to limit the food culture to increase the intake of refined carbohydrates, reduction of sophisticated energy exchange strongly uglevodov.Issledovaniya lack of theory due to respiration It will be an obstacle. The success rate of 90 percent - a good theory. Then, in order to be successful, at 10 percent, it had a lot to experiment. Finally, it is like the famous saying goes, was found: take experiment year, "It would not be a blessing." Whether modern medicine is to protect against something significant to create atherosclerosis or out to the main otkrytiyu.No? Perhaps the answer is there is. Atherosclerosis - nothing but aging. And what you can protect from aging? There is nothing. For quite nothing the next 10 to 15 years promise serious in this regard forecasts. In practice, the world regression of atherosclerosis general is observed that it is possible only in exceptional cases.19:00.
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